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The Moravian Church is known for its deep love and appreciation of music, which has been a central part of its worship and community life for centuries. Moravian music is often characterized by its beauty, simplicity, and spiritual depth. The church values music as a way to express faith and connect with God, and encourages all members to participate in singing and playing instruments. Music is also used in many Moravian rituals and ceremonies, such as the Lovefeast, and is seen as a way to bring joy and unity to the community.


Adult Vocal Choir

The choir is opened to anyone who wishes to sing, grow in your faith, and provide music for worship. Chancel Choir rehearses Wednesday at 6:30 p.m. in the choir loft. G. Randall Gibbs, Director of Music, leads the choir.


Handbells at Dover are an important component in musical training and musical offerings presented in worship. Through the generosity of the Reeves Family and the Reeves Foundation, we utilize six octaves of Malmark Handbells, five octaves of Schulmerich Handbells and five octaves of Malmark Choir Chimes.


Church Band

The church band group is open to anyone playing an instrument. The Church Band (Wind Choir) plays before and during worship on several Sundays a month. Please contact G. Randall Gibbs to receive information for playing times. To learn more about the music of the Moravian Church, please visit The Moravian Music Foundation website

Reeves Handbell Choir

Participation in Reeves Choir is by invitation, based on skill and open positions in the choir. A wide variety of literature and bell playing techniques are used within the choir. The choir is directed by G. Randall Gibbs.


Wolle Belle Choir

Wolle Bell Choir is open to students in grade 5 – 12 and to adults wishing to play bells. The choir is comprised of beginning players who are acquiring playing techniques, musical expression, rhythm and note reading skills. The choir meets at 6:00 pm on Wednesday in the bell room and is directed by Donna Keller.

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